Richa D3O Elbow Protector Inserts - Level 2

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Richa’s Level 2 elbow protector set for bikers is certified to the highest European Standard for impact protection, and as such is suitable for use on all tracks, including advanced and high-speed routes. Developed from patented D3O® technology, this advanced, highly protective elbow set is designed to offer comfort, temperature stability, freedom of movement and of course, superior protection in the event of an impact.

  • Constructed from D3O® patented motorbike armouring technology, which is hardwearing and incredibly tough
  • CE certified to EN1621-1:2012, suitable for use on Level 2 European tracks as well as for everyday road use
  • Meets Level 2 requirements in ambient, wet and cold conditions
  • Fully temperature stable for consistent performance in all conditions

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