Richa D3O Knee Protector Inserts - Level 2

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If you demand the very best when it comes to your safety on the road or you need to meet the biker armouring requirements of advanced and high-speed tracks, our Level 2 motorbike knee protectors should be at the top of your tick list. Manufactured from highly durable and hardwearing D3O® armouring technology, our Level 2 knee protectors offer the highest degree of impact protection for knees, whether you’re an everyday road rider or a seasoned track pro.

  • Comprehensively CE certified to EN1621-1:2012 safety standards
  • Featuring patented and highly durable D3O® motorbike armouring technology
  • Meets Level 2 requirements under test and in the field in ambient, wet, and cold conditions
  • Temperature-stable for all European weather conditions

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