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The RAM-B-230, double ball joiner, consists of a 1" rubber ball on both ends that allow the connection of two 1" socket arms. When measured from ball center to ball center the arm length is 1.75". This mount is ideal if your mount arm is just too short.


  • The perfect adapter for connecting two B size RAM® Mounts double socket arms for extra extension or articulation
  • Consists of two B size 1" RAM® rubber balls connected by a .75" length post
  • Post is made of powder-coated, marine-grade aluminum for durability and reliability in the most demanding environments


  • PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: Overall Length: 2.54" (64.5mm)
  • SOCKET-TO-SOCKET LENGTH: 1.75" (44.4mm)
  • BALL SIZE: B Size (1", 25.4mm)