Richa Atlantic 2 Gore-Tex Pant - Black

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The perfect complement to your Richa Atlantic Gore-Tex motorcycle jacket, these top-rated pants offer a blend of 2-layer and 3-layer Gore-Tex® laminated fabric along with a detachable thermal lining to ensure constant warmth and dryness. The knee area is shielded from abrasion by Gore-Tex® Armacor fabric. Whether you're riding on a darker day or during the night, the retro reflex technology guarantees visibility to fellow road users. And to top it off, the contra-glide technology ensures a secure and stable seat in the saddle.


  • Airtech Control System (ACS): Controllable ventilation at key areas.
  • Ventilation features:
    • 4 air ventilation zips at upper legs
    • 2 air ventilation zips at lower legs
  • Accordion stretch panels at upper knee and backside for optimal fitting.
  • Gore-Tex® Gecko stretch panels for a perfect fit.
  • Detachable thermal lining for optimal insulation.
  • Soft mesh lining for comfort.
  • 2 outside pockets.
  • Storm flap behind the central front zipper for extra comfort.
  • Safety stitching in high-risk zones.
  • Connection zipper (short + 360°)
  • Gore-Tex® laminated for weather resistance.
  • Protection features:
    • D3O® L1 protection at knees and hips (upgradeable to D3O® Ghost or L2).

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