Richa Infinity 2 Flare Jacket - Black / Grey / Fluro

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Richa's Infinity 2 Flare is possibly the most versatile motorcycle jacket you will ever own! The 3-in-1 technology makes this jacket your ideal commuting partner: you can wear it every day and wash the jacket whenever you want. D3O protection along your shoulders, elbows and back guarantees your safety in case of an impact, chest protection is optional and available separately. To top it all off, the Richa Infinity 2 Flare Jacket introduces a new era in visibility technology, with 3M reflection that lights up day and night.


  • Flare material that lights up day and night.
  • Extremely versatile jacket (3in1 technology).
  • The ideal partner for your daily rides.
  • D3O® protection at shoulders, elbows and back, with optional chest protection.
  • Regular fit.
  • Collar hook.

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